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Visitors are using search engines to find products and
services... are you being found there?
Capture as Many Keywords and Visits as Possible
If you have a website, then how it performs on popular search engines like Google and Yahoo should be a concern for you. Chances are a good portion of your website traffic will be visitors who have come through a search engine.

Unfortunately there are no easy answers, no magic potion that will make your site show up in every search engine for every keyword you want. Instead we concentrate on:

•  Creating an obtainable list of keywords
•  Organizing and producing content based on these keywords
•  Including the special coding for search engine to properly catalogue your website
•  Getting your site ranked on Google & Yahoo
•  Reviewing performance on a regular basis
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
You may not know it, but optimizing your website should be the start of any project. One of the first tasks is to generate a list of keywords you feel visitors would type into search engines to find your business, product or service. Working from this we’ll make sure these keywords get worked into your website on a page by page basis during the content development phase of the project.

Once your website is built, we’ll then include all the necessary code that search engines use to help catalogue & rank your website. These include:

•  Keyword-rich page title
•  Meta tags – keywords & page description
•  Image “alt” tags
•  Search engine friendly sitemap
•  Google Submit Your Site & Yahoo! FreeSubmit
Pay Per Click Campaigns (PPC)
Once you have a website in place, chances are you are being found for some keywords in popular search engines. But what about the other keywords that are still very important, but aren’t leading visitors to your site? A pay-per-click ad campaign gives you the ability to “fill in the gaps” and capture potential customers searching for these keywords.

Using PPC is also a great way to get exposure for new pages on your site. Search engines can take up to 30 days to add new pages to their free rankings. With PPC you can appear in results within a few hours, allowing you to quickly generate exposure and sales for new products or services.

We’ll help you manage your Pay-per-click campaigns:
•  Crafting Your Message
•  Selecting Keywords
•  Targeting an Audience
•  Setting a Budget
Monitoring Search Engine Performance
Your site can only be optimized if we have reporting to tell us know what’s going and how we are doing. For this task we employ Google Analytics. This easy-to-use, easy-to-integrate reporting system will provide us with a detailed snapshot of how your website is performing:
•  How many people are coming to the website?
•  What Keywords are they using to find you?
•  What search engines do they use?
•  Where are they located Geographically?
•  What pages on my site are most popular?
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