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 Building Your Website
Web Marketing 101
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Building Your Website
Measuring the Results
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In order for your website to become successful, it must have a solid foundation with the ability to expand as your business grows.
Let the Coding Begin

Once the content & design for your site has come together and everything has been approved, it’s time to start the process of building your website. We could easily fill this page with geek-speak and coding-jargon to try to impress you with our knowledge of web technology. Instead we’d rather concentrate on tools that will connect you with visitors and help you keep your site up to date.
Interacting with Visitors

During the content & design phases a lot of effort was put into the website to get visitors to react. Now what? Online Forms play a crucial role, allowing your visitors to provide you with additional information about themselves and their needs. This could be anything from someone sending you an email, searching for a local retailer, or taking a survey about their experience with your company.

We deliver complete solutions that include:
•  Online Form – collect data from visitors
•  Automated Emails – the website communicating with your staff and visitors
•  Interface Management – control the incoming information
•  Database Integration – store visitors information for further processing
•  Custom Reports – see how visitors are interacting with your site
Making Updates to Your Website
How do you keep visitors coming back for more? The answer is fresh content. There’s nothing worse to a visitor then seeing the same old stuff. That’s why we’ve created tools that will allow you to update key areas of the website without having to know HTML. If you’ve ever bought something online, you will be able to easily update your website.
Some of our popular tools:

•  Provide new content for your site on a regular basis
•  Show you have an active website - encourages repeat visits
•  Improve search engine rankings
•  Upload files with additional info
•  Can be configured to handle news, articles, promotions or events

•  Provide answers to standardized questions
•  Cut down time spent on repetitive phone and email responses
•  Gives people a reason to visit your website

•  Provide links to external websites
•  Links open in new window (visitors don’t lose your site)
•  Reporting feature to see what links are most popular
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