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Social media is playing an ever
increasing role in marketing for
small businesses across Rhode
Island and Massachusetts

It seems as though every business is asking to connect with you through Likes, Tweets, Re-pins and more. And as an owner looking to grow sales and expand a business, it can be tempting to jump into social media head first, dedicate lots of time and money, but not have a real clear vision of what social media can do for you.

So where do you start? First, let’s look at the reasons why social media is so
important for small businesses in RI and MA...

Brand Awareness

Social media is a great way for people to find new products or services that they’re considering. At this early stage of interaction, businesses are striving to gain exposure and make the short list for future consideration.

Information Search

When a buying decision is eminent, many consumers rely on social media to research their options. What is the general consensus on this product? Are there certain things to avoid? Can any of your friends make any recommendations?

Driving Sales

Use social media to communicate sales and promotions, new product introductions, and other things buyers may be interested in. Asking for a sale is completely normal in the world of social media - as long as it’s not the only way that you choose to engage your followers. Sell to them too much and they’ll head for the hills, never to return.

Customer Service

After the purchase, customers may have questions about your product or want to share feedback. Businesses often adopt social media as a way to respond to these inquiries quickly and demonstrate their dedication to serving their customers.


Tapping into social media can reap huge benefits if users are happy with your product or service and offer up reviews to their networks. One satisfied customer can turn into hundreds of new potential customers. On the flip side, a bad experience can hurt your company on social media if not dealt with in a timely and appropriate manner.

These all sound great, right? But which social media platforms do you think are right
for your RI or MA business? Here’s a breakdown of the most popular options...

Facebook  -  Facebook commands the largest audience of all of the social media platforms and is great for businesses offering a consumer product or service (B2C).

Twitter  -  With a steep learning curve, Twitter offers a wealth of information for those who stick it out and truly understand how to get around and interact with others. Hashtags play a big role in organizing information and discovering new content.

LinkedIn  -  Often referred to as Facebook for business, LinkedIn is the preferred social media platform for networking with other business professionals, job seekers and those looking to sharpen their skills within a given industry.

Google+  -  Google’s entry into the social media game offers some unique features such as video chats (Hangouts) and improved ranking in their powerful search engine.

Pinterest  -  Visual content dominates this relatively new social media platform that seems to be most effective for retail products with good photography.

YouTube  -  Videos help your business come to life on YouTube. Demonstrate a product’s use or how your service can help... customers love to learn through watching videos.

Click here for the 3 social media platforms that we think are staples for every RI small business... the results might surprise you!

Don’t know the difference between a Fangate and a hashtag? Not sure which platform is right for your company? Need ideas on what to share with followers? Not to worry… Terrapin is proud to offer options for owners looking to leverage the power of social media for their small businesses in RI or MA.

Social Media Mentoring

•  Setup and strategic planning:  Terrapin
•  Daily posting and management:  Client

Cost:  Low

We’re happy to help clients get setup for social media. We’ll analyze your business and uncover the places where we’ll be able to engage the majority of your customers. Once our platforms have been chosen, we’ll work with you to develop a social media marketing calendar that will attract the right followers and keep them engaged with your brand.

For the first 3 months, we’ll schedule time to discuss what’s happening at your business and find the best ways to tell that story. The heavy lifting (aka daily posting and content creation) will be up to you, but from month to month, you’ll have a guide to follow that makes it easy to implement.

Social Media Management

•  Setup and strategic planning:  Terrapin
•  Daily posting and management:  Terrapin

Cost:  High

Don’t have the manpower to manage your social media campaigns internally? Let Terrapin manage everything for you! Our Social Media Management services allow you to capitalize on social media without losing valuable time internally.

•  Analyze your competition and develop a plan of attack
•  Setup and optimize your social media accounts
•  Create a social media calendar

•  Create timely, optimized content as well as curating content from around
   the internet that build trust and provide valuable information for followers.

•  Manage daily posts and interactions with followers.
•  Monthly meetings to review progress and explore new content

Is your Rhode Island or Massachusetts small business Interested in discussing the
options for social media? Call Terrapin at (401) 723-5864 or contact us today!
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